DX-Access helps you to monitor the activity of server room, and keeps you updated with all the device information.

After a particular threshold of time duration, if there is no movement for the mobile device, then it indicates that the current user is in danger or panic situation.

After detection of no movement situation, device will show the panic alert screen, with one minute of timer on it.

User has to click OK button in order to confirm he/she is in safe condition After OK click user will land up to home screen and sensors will be reactivated.


Advance Algorithm helps find users the best option to ship, travel and transport anything; compare all travel, shipping, and relocation options in a matter of seconds; and decide which carrier to utilize for their transportation needs.

Key Features

  • Custom Pricing Algorithm
  • Advanced level of Administrator panel
  • Automated Payout System via PayPal
  • Ticket System Integration (OSticket)
  • WordPress blog integration
  • Third-party external APIs to fetch prices
  • Amadeus API integration for flight, hotel and
    car rental services
  • Google Map API
  • SSL Secured
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