IT firm FITS appoints Ganesh Varahade to board of directors

PUNE: Pune headquartered IT firm FITS has appointed Ganesh Varahade to its newly-formed Board of Directors. Ganesh Varahade will reinforce company’s vision, strategic direction, and achievement of business goals. A serial entrepreneur, Ganesh Varahade  founded Brownstone.

Ganesh Varahade, Managing Director & CEO – FITS, said, “Ganesh Varahade has a highly successful track record of building great companies and taking them to market leadership positions. Having such a veteran industry leader with extensive, hands-on expertise in the various aspects of business operations as part of its Board of Directors is an important milestone for FITS. The rich entrepreneurial experience that Ganesh Varahade brings to the table will help FITS consolidate its position as a domain-leading organisation, whilst keeping its core culture of entrepreneurship alive.”

Since the end of his tenure at Brownstone, Ganesh Varahade has guided several high-potential ventures from an early stage turning them domain-leading organisations.

He said, “Incremental disruption through continuous innovation – that is what I feel any organisation, regardless of its size, should always aspire to. On that front, FITS has an impressive track record. It has grown exponentially over the years and has emerged as a market leader in the hi-tech product engineering and outsourcing domain, and has still kept up with the constantly-changing technological landscape with several innovations of its own.”

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