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It’s time to run your store like a pro. Start and manage your small business with POS system built for performance. Thrive in today’s retail environment by being agile and customer focused. Whether you are starting your new retail store or managing an established one you will need retail POS system that gives you the analytics and data to boost sales, productivity and not to forget profits.

Mobility has become an ideal solution for the world today and has completely transformed the way customers shop as well as the role of stores in the shopping experience. Like no other retail POS system before, FITS Point-of-Sale (POS) enables your sales staff to bring unique retail experience to your customers. Now easily manage your sales, stock, payments, orders, customers etc. in one reliable system within the Magento back office.
Equipped with multitude of innovative features, FITS POS system speed up lines and help you engage with your customers like never before!

How our Mobile POS System will help you?



  • Saves your sales assistants time and enables them quick and easy transaction processing
  • Allows to delight each customer and address more sales opportunities
  • Enables more revenue generation with fully engaged sales representatives on the floor
  • Allow you to know your customers buying interest & impulses
  • Cut down on evaluation and helps you to improve decision making time
  • Reduces the rate of abandoned carts by alleviating the primary causes like long check-out lines & lack of information
  • Cultivate greater customer loyalty by introducing personalized retail experience that offers better customer service


Key Benefits

No Training Necessary

Fidel IT Services point of sale is designed to get your staff up and running quickly.

  • Drag and drop categories and customize your items and bring popular items in center and front.
  • It lets your customer pay when it is convenient, can split by cards and take payments in multiple ways.
  • It’s easy to change item details such as quantity or price in real time
  • Convenient to track stock quantities and get email alerts when items are out of stock

It Works With Your Payment Providers

  • Fidel IT Service’s point of sale for small business seamlessly integrates with your existing credit card readers to accept Master card or Visa.
  • It also let you to setup a customized payment option such as partial payments, split payments, debit etc.

All You Have To Manage Is One Dashboard

  • Fidel IT Services retail point of sale system dashboard makes it easy to track sales and customers both made offline and online.
  • You get to learn about the detailed reporting and analytics which helps you to make the best choice to grow your business.


How it works ?

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